Agreeing to the Terms & Conditions

Before attempting to survive the 21st century rat race, please read through the following terms and conditions. By choosing to live, you agree to abide by the following.

With the world constantly selling "stuff" that promises to make life simpler, easier and faster, while allowing us to be consumers at any given point of our day. The average American household carries $137,063 in debt, according to the Federal Reserve's latest numbers.

Does anyone step back and think.   

...What am I living for? What is the point?

I certainly had.

Working a job with 10-15 hours of overtime each week, and going to school, left a total of 7 hours at home most days.  Including any hours spent asleep.

The days for ‘me’ were filled with homework, errands, trying to uphold friendships and relationships, taking care of bills, and anything I couldn't take care of during the week. I couldn't nor wouldn't complain about the past. I chose to accept that chaotic life in order to have a ‘better’ one. Things could have always been worse. The problem, however, is when ‘better’ becomes confused with the word more. Spending more in order to survive just wasn't making sense to me.