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Portraits that are unique, true and genuinely you

FRONT PAGE015. Running for Hugs

When you photograph with me its a little bit more than just posing. It's all about capturing who you are, right now. 

Lighting outfits and locations are definitely important. However, capturing genuine emotion during our photo shoot is key. 

I believe a photo shoot should be an experience, a moment to look back and remember one another as they are right now. Rhter than looking back and thinking "Remember the time we dressed up and looked nice?"

... and I know that it isn't always easy to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, so, that is why I will give you prompts, motions, or games to interact with in order to help you feel more yourself. 

Since all we have is right now, the photos we create should be authentically you. So. just come as you are, because no matter the location or outfit you are wearing we will create some magic si,ply by getting to know you 


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