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About Marissa:

  • Received her AAS in Photographic Imaging the Spring of 2017

  • Enjoys: Traveling, photography, camping, antiquing, painting, hiking, permaculture, homesteading, self sufficiency, sustainability

  • Marissa shoots outdoor, indoor and at home graduating high school senior, family, engagement and couples, Business, Branding, Event & Wedding Photography.. A little bit of everything!

  • Places she has traveled: Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Canada, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota to the Mall of America on a whim & of course Michigan. 

Marissa Hoard


Phone: 517-518-1910

Current Location: Mid Michigan


Meet your new best bud.


You see, when you photograph with me, you get me in all of my quirky ways. You will likely get me on a day that is humid, and my hair grows 3 times its size, I will spend our shoot getting in the water, a tree or sitting in mud just so we get the right shot.  I'll make awkward noises while I photograph because I simply can't help myself; I stumble onto something wonderful and everything in me gets excited.


I like to refer to it as my tennis grunt, my 'Serena Williams' if you will. 

I will treat you as if you are my best friend, so of course I'm going to help a you out when the occasion arises. I will fix your hair if its out of place, or your shirt if it isn't laying right, 
and don't even get me started on hands.

The magic of photography is all in the details.


I will always uphold a level of professionalism.

But all bets are off. You be you. Imma be me. 

When you photograph with me, it's a little bit more than just posing. It's all about capturing who you are, right now.  


Location, outfits, and lighting are definitely important. However, capturing genuine emotion during our

photo shoot is key.   

I know that it isn't always easy to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, so, that's why I will give you prompts, motions, or games to interact with in order to help you feel more yourself in front of the camera.

A photo shoot should be an experience, a moment to look back and remember one another as they are, right now. Rather than looking back and thinking, "remember the time we dressed up and looked nice?"


I want the photos we create to be authentically you.

So, come as you are, because you are beautiful.

Being a photographer is just apart of who I am and couldn't be more thankful to be able to live this life. 

If we are going to do this, we might as well do it right. Right? 

So lets start by filling out the questionnaire below. The more you let me know, the greater our photo shoot will be. Communication is key 👌 you want to listen to music during our photo shoot? No worries, just supply me with a playlist and we can get down to some groovy tunes. Want to photograph some place wild, hold on. Let me just pack my bag. Just make sure to include all of the details below

Let's go.

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