Moving to a Community Homestead

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

With 2018...being..well, you know, 2018, it's pretty safe to say that the world is in desperate need of change. I think the agrarian lifestyle that's been left behind is something that could not only benefit society, but the planet as well. While, physically exhausting and hardly a glamorous lifestyle, homesteading certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea.  As something each generation before us has done, there are reasons as to why it's something that very few continue to pursue. However, since coming to the realization that homesteading and self reliance is what allows me to function at my best, I have a feeling there are many out there who could benefit from something like this as well, and like me, weren't aware of the other opportunities to not be so involved with the rat race.

I didn't necessarily have the means to start living a homestead lifestyle so soon, with only a handful of knowledge about self sustainability, permaculture or construction, and being overwhelmed with the cost and time it would take to learn, had me feeling a little in over my head again. Even though confident I could learn how to… it would still take years to do.

I couldn’t let it go though, my therapist became concerned that I was a little too excited for farming. Spending many late nights watching energy efficient youtube videos, homestead diaries, and how to pour foundations, finally lead me to finding what is called, intentional communities. Confusing at first, but rather, communities with the intent to live with one another and the earth. How involved in a community you want to be apart of, is determined by you.  There are quite a few different intentional communities, and if you are interested in looking through the various types you can do so with this link here:

I wanted a place where I could be more self reliant, learn permaculture and self sustainable ways before taking the plunge and doing it on my own. Something, that I realize now, would be insane for me to do. The cost and work could make anyone doing it on their own quit within the first year. A reason, many farms today have to shut down. Looking through the intentional community listings, I stumbled upon Earthen Heart, really, the only one of its kind in Michigan. So, I messaged Julian, the property owner, and he graciously invited me down to tour the homestead. Immediately falling in love with the property, vision and hitting it off with the current members there... I moved in two weeks later. It was unexpected, even for me.  But something that I could feel was so right.

In short, Earthen Heart LLC is a co-operation of individuals who want to live an increasingly self reliant, low impact, and more sustainable lifestyle. While, Earthen Heart isn'