Love is, all of the little moments in between. It's the laughing fits that have you both on the floor wiping each other's tears away, it's the goofy little look your partner gives you from across the room, you know, the way they look at you as if you were the only person in a crowd full of people. It's those little moments that uniquely define your love. Your wedding day isn't any different, it's full of tears, laughter, and all of the little things that make your relationship unique. If you're looking for the traditional kind of wedding photos, I might not be your gal... I believe that the photo's from your day should reflect the love and foundation of where it all began. We still get enough posed photo's to please the parents but, your wedding is the start of a legacy as you both create a life that's all your own. You deserve photos that you and your loved ones can look back at for years and years to come and be reminded of the little moments that took your breath away, knocked your socks off, and made you feel like you were falling in love all over again. I'd love the privilege of capturing the beginning of your visual history through the moments that we share during your wedding day. 

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, now, let's capture that happiness. 

- Marissa